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Client: British Library

May-August 2023

Graphic Design: studio HB  

Exhibition Design: Hara Clark

Lighting: DHA Design

Animals was an exhibition the showcased the libraries science illustrations and sound recordings. Creating four different environments: darkness, water, land and air these spaces housed the documents that depicted the developments in art and science and separating fact from fiction-from the belief that the duck billed platypus was a hoax to the hilarious drawing of a 16th century monkfish. The graphics for the exhibition were inspired by visiting the store rooms of the library - photographing the prints and drawings and creating environmental landscapes from tiny details. We used elements from Stubbs’ drawings to make rolling hills, zebra tails to form forests and bubbling water was suckers from octopus tentacles.


Our palette derived for the environments and flowed like geographic references on topographic maps each referencing a themed spaces. The objects were displayed on carefully chosen Bauman fabrics to tie in exactly with the graphics in each areas. 


The identity was developed with the marketing team-ultra friendly with a playful nod to the weird and wonderful depictions of some of the featured animals. The approach was rolled out into the shop for merchandise and for the exhibition catalogue. including a printed childrens trail, all the signage (internal and external) as well as transport advertising and website. 

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