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Hello Brain

Client: The Francis Crick Institute

March-December 2024

Graphic Design: studio HB  

Exhibition Design: Galmstrup Architects

Lighting: DHA Design

Illustration: Aishling Caomhanach

AV: Chocolate Films

Contractor: MER / Displayways

Hello Brain. You shape my world, my world shapes you.  


The Hello Brain exhibition at The Francis Crick Institute explores the brain's ‘connectome’: how trillions of connections between billions of cells shape our thoughts, behaviours and experiences. Crick scientists are aiming to understand how these connections impact how different species, including humans, interact with each other and the world.  


Led by Galmstrup Architects we created a sensory journey from the early beginnings of neuroscience (from the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations by the father of neuroscience-Santiago Ramón y Cajal) to recent discoveries and technological progress. A wall of open display cases explore key themes such as sleep, pregnancy, old age and perception.  


We worked closely with the illustrator Aishling Camhanoch in both print and environmental graphics to bring a layer of playfulness and approachability to depicting some of the more complex representations of how the Crick scientists are working on such themes as hallucinations to lab-grown neurons.  


To increase access to Hello Brain resources such as large print, braille and easy-read materials have been provided within the exhibition as well as tactile displays. 

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