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Fergus & Meg: A Creative Partnership

Client: Perth Art Gallery

April 2024 / Permanent

Graphic Design: studio HB  

Exhibition Design: Hara Clark

Graphics contractor: Eastern Exhibition & Display

Hara Clark and studio HB were commissioned by Perth Art Gallery to create a permanent exhibition to house the collection that celebrates the life and creative partnership of the Scottish colourist, John Duncan Fergusson and his partner Margaret Morris, the pioneering dancer.


John Duncan Fergusson was the most internationally recognised artist of the group known as The Scottish Colourists. Fergusson, who spent much of his life split between France and London, was highly influenced by the French modern movements of the early twentieth century. Margaret Morris was best known for her achievements as a pioneering dancer and choreographer, but she was also a teacher, physiotherapist, author and talented artist.


Our approach was in keeping with Fergusson's fauvism style and we used pure, pigment heavy colours that flooded bold contours. These oversized curved silhouettes created solid areas for the works to hang against so his outspoken ringing colours pop. The curves and rhythmic shapes also created movement-mirroring Morris’s choreography and her system of movement notation. To punctuate the space and denote the chronological sections five large scale matt gold panels were printed with photography taken from the archive. 

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