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client: V&A London + multiple world wide venues


December 2013-travelling until 2019


Graphic Design: studio HB  

Exhibition Design: 59 Productions & Real Studios

Lighting: DHA Design


studio HB were commissioned by lead designers 59 Productions along with Real Studios in creating an exhibition that gives an insight into the way the Bowie muse and creative processes have been shaped and evolved over the last 50 years.  


We had access to the David Bowie archive, which had over 75,000 historic pieces to select from. The Observer described it as being 'riotously cluttered and pleasantly bewildering' which we think would live up to Bowie's promise of instability.  


We used the font Alberus from the street signs of London-the ‘Bowie’ orange was inspired by his iconic makeup from Aladdin Sane album cover.  


studio HB worked closely with graphic contractor SP Graphics to achieve a new print process of UV gloss printed digitally. It was a method that worked well in harmony with the subtle David Bowie Is texts, specifically written by renowned music journalist Paul Morely.

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