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Client: Historic Royal Palaces

May-September 2021

Graphic Design: studio HB  

Exhibition Design: Hara Clark

Lighting: DHA Design

The exhibition at Hampton Court: Gold and Glory was a show that celebrated the 18-day meeting between Henry VIII and François I in 1520-unparalleled in its lavish demonstration of wealth and power. The occasion became known as the Field of the Cloth of Gold and the stunningly detailed oil canvas painted in 1545 depicting the event takes centre stage in our exhibition. Inside huge temporary palaces, under tents made of luxurious cloth of gold or on the specially constructed tiltyard, the two competitive kings and their courtiers jousted and wrestled, hosted great banquets and exchanged expensive gifts. Wine flowed from the fountains and a 'dragon' flew above the festivities.


The Gold and Glory exhibition is being held in the very rooms of Hampton Court Palace that were used by Cardinal Wolsey. The display evoked the political tensions that preceded this defining moment in Henry VIII's reign, as well as the ostentation of the event itself. Our graphics used lavish print methods on silks and canvas's with light touches of gold. Labels printed on soft black GFSmith Plike with mirrored foil.

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