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Client: The Postal Museum, London

April-October 2023

Graphic Design: studio HB  

Exhibition Design: Hara Clark

Our exhibition for the Postal Museum was created for the much anticipated  image release of the new stamp featuring King Charles III. Our concept was of transition - a new beginning, from one monarch to another and from Queen to King. The colour shift overall was from red to blue suggested a sunset or sunrise with a central tone of purple that matched the colour of the new stamp. 


We developed the visual identity to complement the gradient, bringing in the proportions of the 'Tyrian Plum' 2d stamp which our star object. Creating a generic crown motif that spoke to all the reigning monarchs and flutted edge line was seen on both the identity and as part the environmental graphic detailing. This was used through out the Postal Museums online marketing collateral. 


A spine wall used printed flag mesh screens and lighting effects to create dramatic space divider. It allowed us to house playful interactives that the younger visitor could connect with. 

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