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Client: Royal Academy of Arts, London

March 2019  


Graphic Design: studio HB

Architects: Carmody Groake

With the exhibition designers Carmody Groake studio HB were commissioned as lead graphic designers for the environmental graphics and print elements for the new spring exhibition Bill Viola Michelangelo Life Death Rebirth at the Royal Academy of Arts.  


Born nearly 500 years apart, the two artists have been coupled together and share certain broad interests: human experience and the spiritual realm. Bill Viola’s immersive video installations are works of profound emotion, inviting the viewer to slow down and reflect.   The exhibition was conceived as an immersive journey through the cycle of life and is staged in the RA’s dimmed and vaulted rooms.


Using 4 key still images from Violas work that represented the elements, contrasting fire with water; the bold and creative design enabled the the treatment to be applied across a wide range of collateral at various scales and medium from a website banners, bus ads, hand held maps to super sized exterior banners.

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