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Client: Railway Museum


October 2018


Graphic Design: studio HB  

Exhibition Design: Hara Clark

Lighting Design: Hara Clark



Testing was a temporary exhibition that showed how experimentation, prototyping and testing have driven innovation in the rail industry. Focussing on processes and people, the exhibition demonstrates that rail engineers are ordinary individuals with extraordinary skills.


Our concept was a row of sheds, each housing one of the five exhibits. Much of the experimenting and testing occurs in big specialised sheds. Using the font and strong approach to imagery the exhibition via Mark Newtons photography we took on the ScM brand values-and upheld its own identity with a 3D title welcome graphic, large environmental typography and beautiful commissioned photography.  

The shed’s were designed using repeated custom steel frames to maximise the budget and were clad with industrial tool storage panels which also used the flexible tool hook system to attach the graphic panels.  

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